White Polo Shirt [The Summer Essential]

White Polo Shirt [The Summer Essential]


Hi everyone! Summer is almost over here in New York City and I am getting back into my normal routine for work now that I can dress comfortably stylish again. All jokes aside, now that I can look put together without sweating profusely as soon as I leave my apartment. I am happy to be back to posting regularly here on the blog. With that said I wanted to share with you one of my favorite summer essential wardrobe piece. I probably wore this item in my wardrobe more than anything else because it goes with everything and it’s comfortable to wear in the summer. A White Polo

Ways To Wear

Honestly you can wear a white polo in any season. The reason why I like to wear it more so in the summer is because it looks clean and fresh. Wearing lighter colors in the summer tends to keep you cooler. It’s also another way to get out of wearing a button in the warmer months. During the day I like to wear a white polo with some shorts and either sneakers or boat shoes. For the evening I like to wear a dark wash jeans or chinos with a pair of casual brogues.

What To Look For

When I shop for a polo the first thing I look for is the material. It has to be comfortable a natural material or moisture wicking material. Also, the fit has to be on point. I very rarely tuck in my polo shirts so I like them to sit slightly below the belt. As far as the fit on the torso, more closely fitting around the chest area and a straight cut around the abdominal area. This is going to flatter your body type and conceal any other areas of opportunity.

The Look

For this summer look I wore, I paired a white polo from ASOS with a a pair of shorts from Old Navy. The sneakers are from Original Penguin. The watch is from Luco Charles. This look is an easy casual daytime summer look. It’s also a good casual weekend outfit.


Let me know what you think about this look!?



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