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One of the easiest ways to rock a roll neck jumper is with your day to day casual outfits and jeans. The point here is not to dress up the outfit but to add that slight touch of sophistication to any outfit, or if it’s slightly chilly.


Wearing a roll neck sweater with a leather jacket or a motorcycle jacket is the perfect blend of bad ass and dapper. You would think they don’t go together furthermore they actually do go perfectly well together. For this way to wear the roll neck I like to stick to darker tones like a charcoal grey, or even a black one.


This way is the best way to wear the roll neck in my opinion. The reason is because you don’t have to wear a tie, while they both feel the same in the sense that they both are around the neck. There is still something more relaxing about not wearing a tie with a blazer. The jumper essentially replaces the tie and gives a new variation to the suit or blazer look.


The way I styled the the roll neck was with a blazer and a dark pair of trousers. I went all navy with this look and more casual with the suede sneaker from Aldo Shoes. There is something so European about wearing a turtleneck with a blazer. It just looks finished, sophisticated and dapper. It’s not my favorite outfit in terms of comfort level. However, if you have an event or date that you want to look great for, this is the perfect look for that.

Leave a comment telling me how you rock Roll neck jumpers!

Outfit Details

Roll Neck Jumper: Topman (similar here)

Jacket: H&M (similar here)

Pants: Gap (similar here)

Shoes: Aldo Shoes (similar here)


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