How To Update Wardrobe Without Shopping


Have you ever looked at your closet and just thought to yourself “I have NOTHING to wear”. I know that this has happened to me many times, as I’m sure it has happened to you as well. The next thoughts in your head are like this “ Maybe I should go buy some clothes”… “Nevermind I can’t afford it, I need to save for a new couch”. The truth is that if you have clothes hanging in your closet, then you indeed have clothes to wear. It’s just a matter of composing different looks, mixing and matching and accessorizing.


Before I decide that I should discard something I asked myself a few questions of them being “Can I wear this differently?”. This might be a bit DIY, and if you’re like me that isn’t your thing in which case ask for some help from someone who is. What I mean is that you can take a pair a jeans and cut them and make them into shorts. Take a denim jacket and cut the sleeves. Cut the sleeves to a graphic tee and make it a tank. Also, looking at some items in your wardrobe and asking whether you can wear it differently. For example, you can try to take more formal pieces and wear them with casual outfits. Taking a suit vest or suit jacket instantly makes a casual outfit that much more stylish.


Sometimes we all need a little inspiration or looking at certain things differently. Just like repurposing your pieces just wearing something differently can make all the difference in your overall style. For example, most men wear their 3 piece suit together and never as separates. Try styling say for example a suit jacket as a seperate with a casual outfit. One piece made a completely new and stylish outfit. Similar to the high low concept where one pairs a more expensive piece of clothing with a more affordable piece of clothing. But in this instance you are styling more casual pieces with semi-formal pieces.


We all have a stylish buddy or uncle that is really stylish. If you have someone who you are cool with who you have major style envy from. Why not ask them to borrow an article of clothing, or at least ask them how they look so damn stylish! All jokes aside, borrowing clothes is not just a girl thing men can do it too. Especially for more special occasions and when one just does not have the budget for it.


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