Hi Everyone! Today I am going to be sharing my experience at the brand new Public Hotel by Hotelier Ian Schrager. The hotel opened in summer 2017. I got the chance at the hotel and experience it before it opened and I have to say it has to be one of my favorite hotels in downtown Manhattan. Not only to… View Post

Ever since I received my luggage from a company called Away Travel on a trip to Bermuda last summer, it has most certainly been my go to for all of my trips. It’s the perfect size for traveling when the occasion doesn’t call for a large luggage. Every time I use my Away Travel carry-on,  I can’t help to be… View Post

          Paris 2017: Day 2 Today I am sharing my  Paris 2017: Day 2 photos. If you would like to check out the blog post from the first day you can check that out here. One our second day we decided to keep it more chill considering that we did most of the touristy stuff on the… View Post

  Paris, Paris, Paris.. as cliche as it sounds it has got to be my favorite city in the world. I feel like everyone says that it’s their favorite city but I really feel like that just from experience alone. We arrived in Paris in the evening after aking the train from London. The train we took was the Eurostar… View Post

    Hi guys! I am finally sharing my recent trip to Europe here on the blog. I recently went to Europe and I have been back for a few weeks now but got totally swamped as soon as I got back to the New York and I have finally got around to making the perfect posts from the trip. I… View Post