Public Hotel Review

Public Hotel Review

Hi Everyone! Today I am going to be sharing my experience at the brand new Public Hotel by Hotelier Ian Schrager. The hotel opened in summer 2017. I got the chance at the hotel and experience it before it opened and I have to say it has to be one of my favorite hotels in downtown Manhattan. Not only to stay at the hotel but also to have after work drinks or evenings out with friends. They have a few different venues within the hotel itself not to mention and a spacious open rooftop bar with unobstructed views of lower Manhattan. 


The concept of the Public Hotel is “Luxury For All” from the rooms, food, beverage, entertainment, to the service. Whether you are staying at the hotel or enjoying a coffee in the lobby, you really start to feel as though you are welcome and it instantly makes you feel at ease. The man behind the hotel as well as many other hotels around the world is Ian Schrager. He is also the man behind Studio 54, and he is known for his architectural work as well as his cultural relevance- particularly in the 70’s in New York City. At this particular time in nightlife in the city, it was very much inclusive of all different kinds of people within one venue. There was less of this compartmentalization and nightlife was really all about a good time out on the town. To me, the resurgence of this concept of the hotel could not have come at a better time when in my personal opinion New York  City hospitality as whole has become simply put Banal. Reviving this concept of originality and all-embracing is something that I am excited to see more from Public.


The rooms at the Public Hotel start at $200 per night which is a very competitive rate. This is also smart move due to the overwhelming amount of hotels in the surrounding area. In my opinion, the price of the rooms per night is very on brand. When your arrive at the hotel you enter through a canopy styled garden, and to the right of the entrance is the Public Garden which is an outdoor space. Immediately upon entrance you are greeted by a “Public Advisor”. These advisors are scattered throughout the property and are there to answer any questions check you in to your reservation and assist with anything you may need. The room I stayed in was the Queen setup with a view that was sadly not facing the city. Upon entrance the first thing you notice is the floor to ceiling window and the large bed that sits atop a built in wood paneled bed platform. The room has a bathroom near the entrance and sink opposite the toilet and bathtub has a light switch that illuminates the perimeter of the frame.


The decor of the hotel is absolutely stunning! To me its the perfect blend of masculine rustic features and feminine flower arrangements as seen in the shop and the entrance of the hotel. Each venue within the hotel has it’s own unique aesthetic and feel to it. To sum up the overall feel of the hotel decor is definitely “the perfect blend of masculine and feminine details”. It can be challenging one would think to create an overall cohesive design aesthetic within an establishment with various venues. It’s important to create vignettes but still keep the overall vibe similar to one another.


The Public hotel has 5 venues within the same building. The Public Roof has vast views of the lower Manhattan skyline and beautiful sunsets. The roof has indoor and outdoor sections for versatility when the weather changes. Diego is a cozy cocktail bar with a laid back feel and a great date spot. Public Arts is the downstairs nightclub that is a venue for movie screenings, private events etc. Public Kitchen is a Jean-Georges restaurant that focuses on “World Food” and all of the cultures that make up the eclectic mix and melting pot that is New York City. It features a smoker, wood-burning oven and wood burning grill as a focal point and has a menu for all tastes and diets, including vegan. And lastly there is a great Lobby Bar with comfortable sofas for a quick drink or a coffee for a relaxing work environment.

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  1. November 2, 2017 / 1:04 PM

    Great photos! Something new to try out.

  2. November 2, 2017 / 12:53 PM

    Wow, nice pics.

  3. November 2, 2017 / 11:19 AM

    Wow this looks fantastic! I always considered staying here but you provided great information swaying my opinion. Photos are awesome!

  4. November 2, 2017 / 11:11 AM

    lounge bars at 17:00 are the best! 🙂 so many great finger food

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