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Hey guys! Today I’ll be sharing with you my picks for the men’s wardrobe essentials. There are certain pieces in any man’s wardrobe that instantly just make you look effortlessly stylish.  These pieces in my opinion are underrated because everytime one goes shopping you will find the latest trends and clothing that will not be as relevant in your wardrobe in the coming seasons. The pieces I am going to share with you can be worn several times, several occasions, several ways. These men’s wardrobe essentials can all be worn in combination with one another or be the focus item in your outfit. 

men's wardrobe essentials men's wardrobe essentials men's wardrobe essentials

men's wardrobe essentials men's wardrobe essentials


The V-Neck sweater is hands down my favorite piece to wear! The reason is because the materials they are made of tend to be made of comfortable material. You can use them for a smart casual look with some jeans. In the colder weather you can wear it for work with a button up under. They also come in about every color imaginable and every brand makes them now. I have a preference for v-necks to crew necks because I find it flatters me more. Invest in a material that is lightweight and high quality. Either 100% Merino Wool or Cotton. These materials can be worn in more extreme seasons and transitional seasons.


I just started wearing a navy blazer in 2016 and I don’t know why I waited so long to do so. I can easily use this to dress up and outfit and the color navy itself goes with everything. I can be wearing a tee and sneakers and a blazer makes it look like a more big boy outfit. Also, when I wear a navy blazer I get compliments of how well put together and not one mention of how often they see me wear it. This is they key to having key wardrobe essentials: versatility.


The white oxford goes as far back as god knows how long. It shouldn’t even be on this list because I think most guys own a white shirt. Either for a special occasion or as the base of their work uniform. If not, you need to get yourself one. There is nothing like a clean crisp white shirt. You can wear it with boat shoes and jeans. For a more smart look add a tie and some chinos and dressier shoes.


These are my favorite bottom piece. The perfect date night outfit with paired with a sportcoat it’s put together, flattering, and appropriate for work and after work activities. The wash I tend to go for is a dark blue wash that looks almost black. I find that this is more versatile and goes with everything. However, if you prefer a more noticeably blue denim wash that is also a great option.


Chelsea boots have made a emergence in men’s fashion in recent years. In my earlier years I didn’t hear much about chelsea boots. As classic and timeless as they are, I feel as though they were tucked away for a while. However, thanks to David Beckham and Kanye West they have definitely made a comeback and are here to stay. I started off with a black pair and worked my way up to different colors, textures etc. With chelsea boots I like a more slim fit and tapered at the leg opening to show of the neck of the boot.



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