How to Wear Men’s Denim Jacket Outfit Look

How to Wear Men’s Denim Jacket Outfit Look


Oh, the denim jacket- an American staple since… 1880! Created by the legend himself Levi Strauss (originally for cowboys and railroad workers) but in 2017 this essential spring/summer (fall & winter if your geographically lucky) piece can be worn day to night, and for any occasion if you know how to pair it right with the rest of your wardrobe.

It’s also known that you should wear darker hues of denim because they are more versatile, which is true; but I also find that only wearing dark colors can be limiting- especially when pairing with lighter tones. So I put together some ways that I like to wear my denim that doesn’t scream 90’s baby.

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Monochrome. I love to wear a medium tone denim jacket with the same hue in my jeans. This look is effortless and makes for a casual statement. The key is to keep the tone of the denim jacket and jeans similar, but not exactly identical. This adds interest to your look without looking like you mindlessly bought a matching set.

To me, an all black look- paired with a denim jacket makes the blue shades stand out and is a simple fix to break up all the black in your look (especially for my fellow New Yorkers).

I find the best way to relax the typical office look: dress shirt and tie, is to soften it up with a denim jacket. This instantly makes the outfit more casual and appropriate for after work plans- like meeting up with friends at a bar.


The jacket is the Trucker Jacket from Levi’s that I’ve have come to grow a large admiration for because of its  quality and classic silhouette. I got the jeans on sale at The Gap: Slim Fit raw denim, the v-neck t-shirt is from Forever 21. These boots are the “Credible” boots from my favorite shoe company Dune London. These boots have a nice dressed up feel to them; however, they are casual enough for everyday use if you want to put a relaxed look together.

What is your favorite way to wear a denim jacket?

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