Denim Jacket| 3 Ways To Wear


An all black outfit under a denim jacket is my favorite way to wear a denim jacket! The reason is because its the easiest way to break up an all black outfit. If you find yourself always wearing black particularly if you live in a major city where most people mostly wear black (a.k.a. New York City) then this is a great way to break the rut. The other reason why wearing the jacket over an all black outfit is because it can make the jacket stand out more as the focus piece of your outfit. Every time I wear this denim jacket this way I get twice as many compliments and it just looks really cool.

denim jacket



Head to toe denim is another way to rock this classic piece but also make a bold statement at the same time. This instantly creates a cool look and gives the impression of a put together outfit. It also in trend as there have been a couple of 90’s fashion trends that have been resurfacing and showing up on the runways of fashion week. The way I like to wear this look is actually by making sure not to match your denim pieces but rather mix up the washes and the textures. The same denim tone in your outfit will definitely make you look like you just stepped out of the 90’s. Skip the same tone and mix it up with a dark wash piece and and lighter wash etc.



The last way I like to style this classic piece is over a button down! The reason is because it easily dresses down an outfit and makes it more casual. You can wear a more dressed up outfit to any occasion that is more casual rather than formal and fit in with the rest of the casual dudes. You can definitely wear a chambray shirt under the jacket or wear your normal work uniform under for this chillier mornings on your commute or on the weekends.



How do you guys rock your denim clothes in your wardrobe? Leave me a comment down below!



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