What to Pack In Your Carry On | Carry On Essentials

What to Pack In Your Carry On | Carry On Essentials

Hi guys! I want to share a concise and stylish list of what to pack for your next trip wherever it may be that you are headed. In this list of carry on essentials you will also find a list of helpful things to take on the plane with you in your carry on luggage



The Perfect Carry-On Luggage– Having a sturdy and reliable carry on while also showcasing your style is a must when you are traveling not only to Europe but also anywhere really. My favorite Carry-On is from Away Luggage. Aside from being very stylish and sleek, you can actually charge your devices with this smart luggage!

Passport– This is a no brainer if you are traveling you should definitely pack your passport. For some added swag dress your passport up with a leather case holder so that it remains stain and tear free.

Reading Materials– Whether you are reading the newspaper, a fashion magazine or a book. Having something to read while you are waiting to board your flight or on the actual flight itself is definitely a carry on essential. Especially if the airport that you are in has no WiFi!


Scarf– Bringing a scarf with you on your carry on will be helpful if you get cold on the plane and in case you arent a fan of the blankets the airlines provide. What I like to do is bring a scarf that I will be wearing on the trip I am going on to save on space and headaches.

Layers– If you know you get cold on airplanes it would be wise to bring a jacket or sweater in case you get cold. Also, if you are going to a cold destination from a warm destination then it would make sense to dress for where you are going ahead of time and vice versa.

Spare Outfit– If you are checking in your bag there is always a chance that your luggage may get lost, does not make it onto the plane or if you are connecting that it may end up on the wrong plane. Having extra underwear, socks, and a spare outfit will help in this instance.

Sunglasses– What is a trip to the airport without a pair of sunglasses. Especially if you are catching a morning flight!


Dopp Kit– Pack your dopp kit with your essential toiletrie items such as shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste. Just make sure that all of these are below the ounce allowance by TSA.

Eye Drops– This is for when you arrive to your destination and want to look refreshed and not like you just slept for 10 hours and just woke up.


Converter– If you are traveling to a foreign country you will most likely need one of these. Don’t kid yourself and buy it when you arrive and when its double the price. Buy one prior to your trip.

Headphones– This doesn’t need much explanation other than they are super helpful if you are traveling alone and are sitting in a restaurant and want to be occupied or if you are on a plane with crying babies.

Camera gear– I bring a my blogging camera, main camera, card reader, chargers, multiple lenses

Chargers– I bring a portable charger and my phone charger. I carry my portable charger around with me while I am exploring and keep my charger in the room when I arrive at my destination.


carry-on essentials

 What are some of your plane carry-on essentials?

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