Budget Shopping | Best Ways To Shop For Clothes On A Budget

Budget Shopping | Best Ways To Shop For Clothes On A Budget

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I’ll start off this list with my personal favorite way to buy clothes if you are on a budget and that is shopping second-hand. There are a few options when it comes to buying clothes this way. One way is to thrift yourself and sift through racks of clothing. Another way is to go to a resell vintage store that has a selection of items that have been picked by stylists that work in the stores such as Buffalo Exchange. The last option which is the way I normally like to shop for new clothes is through an authenticated luxury consignment site such as The Real Real

Shopping through consignment can consist of more luxury items, however there are some amazing deals to be had on these consignment sites. I scored this Sandro Paris Field Jacket for almost 70% off retail price! The great thing about this particular site is that you can sell your luxury goods to them and which can earn you extra money which is right in time for the holidays and gift shopping. The Real Real is celebrating National Consignment day October 2nd to help us shop smartly and in a more sustainable way while earning extra money. 


If you really want to get a bargain and buy clothes on a steep discount, the best way to do this is through shopping off-season. The reason is because the items that are in stores during off season such as a jacket during the summer, have a low demand. So that sweater that you see in the store during the warmer months will most likely be on sale because not many people are buying this kind of item during that time.


Shopping end of season is similar to shopping off-season with one main difference. These two months in retail have always been months where the discounts are the best and is the best opportunity to shop especially for investment pieces that you know are worth more money however you want to buy high-quality but at a discounted price. I always wait until January for those after the holidays sales and when the stores are starting to clear the space for the new spring arrivals.


Sample sales are something that are a bit more exclusive to major cities in however if you are in a major city and you know that there’s a sample sale happening with one of your favorite clothing designers or stores then I would definitely make sure to pop in and see what they have what a sample sale. There are different kinds of sample sales however, most of them are either overstock of a specific item or items, samples from showrooms, runway samples and/or a combination of both. Sample sales are probably the best way to get high-end designer pieces on a budget. I remember copping a pair of Jimmy Choo Black Leather Chelsea boots for $150… Originally $895!!

Hope you guys enjoyed my tips on how to shop on a budget and let me know in the comments some of your favorite ways to shop on a budget.
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