Bermuda Hotels: Stay At Hamilton Princess & Beach Club

Bermuda Hotels: Stay At Hamilton Princess & Beach Club

Today I am going to be sharing my stay at the Fairmont Hamilton Princess & Beach Club in Bermuda! I went this past summer and I am excited to share the experience with you guys who are considering visiting Bermuda and also thinking about which hotel to stay at. I will be sharing my experience at this particular hotel and whether or not I would recommend this particular hotel. 


Bermuda is one of those destinations that when you think about it all you can think is Bermuda shorts or the Bermuda Triangle. I never really knew many details about the island or the history so when I decided to go I felt inclined to learn more about this island that I have heard so much about. I learned that it is a small island and it is a British territory and that it has a subtropical climate. Another cool fact I learned was that the flight from New York City (and most east coast cities was about and hour and a half. I was like I am ALL in! 


Upon arrival to the L.F Wade International Airport there were a few methods of transportation. There was a shuttle that you could take from the airport with a group of people. The other option is to take your own taxi that costs about $40. One thing to note about transportation on the island is that Bermudians drive on the opposite side of the rode (if you are American). As we were driving it felt so weird to drive on the opposite side of the road it takes a bit of getting adjusted too but it ends up being ok.


We arrived at the hotel  and checked in then afterwards went and we explored the property and the amenities which include an infinity edge resort pool, gym, spa and much more! The most eye catching thing we saw while exploring was all of the amazing original art. The hotel has a collection of pop & modern art for hotel guests to enjoy throughout the property such as Jeff Koons & Warhol pieces. 

The hotel also offers guided tours of the art pieces throughout on Saturdays at 10:00am by special appointment through the hotel. 

For what felt like a really traditional style the island the hotel the court itself was very modern and we are definitely added a nice touch which made me feel right at home for the time I was there.

Bermuda-hamilton-princess-hotelBermuda-hamilton-princess-hotelBermuda-hamilton-princess-hotelTHE ROOM

I was very impressed with the layout and decor of the room. I was expecting a bit of a more traditional decor but much to my surprise it was very much a sleek and modern interior with marble finishes and modern fixtures in the bathroom.Also in the bathroom we were greeted by travel sizes of Le Labo Fragrance products. Anyone who knows me knows I love Le Labo’s Santal 33, so this was also a nice touch. There was an assortment of body lotion, body wash, shampoo all in the Rose fragrance!

As far as the color scheme goes it was very nueteal which I enjoyed very much. The grey was very calming (as if you needed anymore calming elements other than the island itself).The furniture was also very modern and stylish which I really enjoyed, it made me feel as though I was in a modern apartment but while living on an island. The room sliding door/window opened up to an outdoor space where there was a table set up and you could have breakfast or some fresh air.

 We were on the ground floor so it was on a path for other guests to get around the property so not so private but nonetheless very quaint.

The property also has a subtle and an off property beach club that they offer a shuttle to and you can spend the day lounging in the sun ordering drinks or sleeping on one of the ham hock. The shuttle is a short 10 minute drive from the hotel to the Hamilton Beach Club where there is also a restaurant where you can order food it also has a bunch of water accessories including paddle boards and floaties.The hotel itself is not on the beach so this is why they have an offsite beach club however this was not an inconvenience for me and I actually enjoyed going to different parts of the island. Also the fact that it wasn’t directly on the shore and was more of a alcove made the waves very little to no waves and a lot more relaxing and easy to partake in water activities.

 Bermuda-hamilton-princess-hotelEach morning we enjoyed a delicious and hearty breakfast we brought out the table to the outside patio area and as you can see it was the perfect photo opportunity but anyways it came in a timely manner and the room service attendee was very gracious.Bermuda-hamilton-princess-hotelYou can’t miss the boat ride to see the ship wreck and and riding to the point where the Bermuda triangle begins it is truly eyeing and really fascinating. They also served snacks and there is a clear see through glass in the middle of the boat where you can look into the water below the boat at all the marine animals and take pictures and really just enjoy the view.Another must do on my to do list while I was in Bermuda was elbow beach because I’ve heard that it was very beautiful and secluded so I went and it was absolutely stunning. It is one of the more quiet and private beaches so there was no crowd or much people really whilst we were there so it felt truly like it was our own beach!Bermuda-elbow-beach 

Stay courtesy of Uber & Go To Bermuda



  1. October 25, 2017 / 4:43 PM

    This seems like an awesome hotel and staying there would be a dream. Thanks for the awesome review!

    • alsenioe
      October 25, 2017 / 6:43 PM

      Thank you of course! In my opinion it’s one of the best hotels on the island

  2. October 25, 2017 / 4:41 PM

    Bermuda looks lovely. I would love to visit one day, especially elbow beach!

    • alsenioe
      October 25, 2017 / 6:42 PM

      It’s so surreal and not far for those of us in the east coast! Thanks 🙂

  3. October 25, 2017 / 5:22 AM

    Bermuda is on my list!! And what a beautiful hotel and place 🙂

    • alsenioe
      October 25, 2017 / 3:16 PM

      Thanks Julia! The hotel is amazing, it’s like the main hotel which is why I am glad to have been able to stay there!

  4. October 25, 2017 / 5:06 AM

    Wow, what a luxurious place and your photos are absolutely gorgeous!!!

    • alsenioe
      October 25, 2017 / 3:17 PM

      Thank you Isabelle!

  5. October 25, 2017 / 12:23 AM

    The hotel looks so awesome, grand and spacious! I especially love the pool. I’m sure I would have spent most of my time in a place like this, between the pool and the fantastic beach!

    • alsenioe
      October 25, 2017 / 3:17 PM

      Yes the infinity pool is a nice touch and the palm trees in the middle of them!

  6. October 25, 2017 / 12:10 AM

    Nice review.

    • alsenioe
      October 25, 2017 / 3:17 PM

      Thank you!

  7. October 17, 2017 / 3:44 PM

    What a beautiful area! I don’t think I have seen pictures of this place before, you have definitely piqued my interest <3

    • alsenioe
      October 17, 2017 / 8:41 PM

      It’s stunning and not to far from the historic part of town and it’s one of the main hotels on the island so I am sure you’ve seen it around before! I honestly had a great time xx

  8. October 17, 2017 / 3:19 PM

    Wow what an interesting read! I have been debating which island to go to on my next vacation. I will consider staying at this hotel in the future! The photos also were high quality. Keep it up!

    • alsenioe
      October 17, 2017 / 8:40 PM

      Thank you Dana! Really appreciate you stopping by! Honestly this hotel is one of the top hotels in Bermuda I would highly consider it if you can!

  9. October 17, 2017 / 2:45 PM

    Oh wow, I am so jealous this looks so beautiful and serene to stay in, I really need to start travelling more.

  10. Matt
    October 17, 2017 / 2:24 PM

    Nice article, looks like a lovely place 🙂

  11. October 17, 2017 / 12:45 PM

    I have traveled quite a bit, but have never been to Bermuda, and it isn’t even that far away! This hotel looks like a winner, if I ever decide to go there.

  12. October 17, 2017 / 12:35 PM

    I’d love to visit all those small unknown islands of the Caribbean sea!
    The Bahamas, Antigua, Barbuda, BVI,… are also on my dream list too 🙂
    I didn’t know that one could visit the ship wreck! Your photo is incredible!

    • alsenioe
      October 17, 2017 / 12:43 PM

      Thank you so much. I would also like to visit all of those islands some may say that they all look the same and have the same characteristics but they all seem like they have their own unique individual special things about them

      • October 27, 2017 / 6:42 AM

        Couldn’t agree more! And even if they are all the same, you have to go to check by yourself, and make sure they are ^^

  13. October 17, 2017 / 11:48 AM

    Wow this Hotel looks absolutely gorgeous. Bermuda is definitely on my wish list!!

    • alsenioe
      October 17, 2017 / 12:04 PM

      Thank you! You have to visit Bermuda it’s absolutely stunning!

  14. October 17, 2017 / 11:34 AM

    Beautiful hotel. I definitely shouldn’t miss the ship wreck.

    • alsenioe
      October 17, 2017 / 11:37 AM

      Thank. you! It was such a stunning hotel. Also, you should definitely not miss it because it so cool!

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