Away Travel:Carry-On Luggage Review

Away Travel:Carry-On Luggage Review

away travel luggage

away travel luggage

Ever since I received my luggage from a company called Away Travel on a trip to Bermuda last summer, it has most certainly been my go to for all of my trips. It’s the perfect size for traveling when the occasion doesn’t call for a large luggage. Every time I use my Away Travel carry-on,  I can’t help to be pleased with how sleek and stylish it looks, as well as how it functions. Not to mention all of the compliments that I receive anytime I’m at the airport and/or traveling with others.


The luggage has two compartments, one for clothes and one for shoes, toiletries and other hard objects. The side for the shoes is really helpful because the worst is having to stuff your shoes with socks and having them misshapen. It has a zipper for the clothing side to keep the shoes from touching the clothes. Another cool feature is a compression insert that fits your laptop perfectly and you can secure and tighten the straps


The exterior of the luggage is made of up a scratch resistant paint. Now while the luggage itself is scratch resistant it’s not scuff resistant, the luggage will have some normal wear and tear but the material itself will not get any deep scratches and the paint will not come off.


To point out the obvious, the star feature of this carry on from Away Travel is the built-in battery which you can charge through the USB cable to any of your devices. I have to say that this portable charger has given my phone multiple charges between recharging the built in battery charger. I personally like to charge my iPhone on the plane (especially if it is a budget airline). Also, when I am commuting while I have arrived at my destination and I am taking public transit or in a car.

Some other notable features include the TSA approved lock on the luggage. It can give you a piece of mind when you have to check your luggage in and are worried that your luggage may get screened for inspection. TSA agents can easily get into your luggage and lock it back up.

I have to say these wheels are super high quality, and the best I have ever tried. I have dragged this luggage through the streets of Paris, on the tube in London, and up and down Ocean Drive in Miami. The wheels have still not budged.

Last but certainly not least is the small nylon laundry bag. It’s gently tucked in a small zipper pocket inside of the luggage. It can be used to separate dirty clothes during your trip. My biggest pet peeve is when I can’t tell which underwear are clean or not since I wear the same brand and color. But ever since using the nylon bag, it has been a lifesaver and saved me from misplacing dirty clothes with clean clothes.

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