My name is Alsenio Espinal, I am a digital influencer & Makeup Artist. I began doing makeup in New York City in 2011 and have been in the fashion industry ever since.

This blog is a fashion, lifestyle & travel blog from my perspective: Alsenio

Here you will find inspiration for your fashion needs and general lifestyle inspiration.

My inspiration for this blog was my own personal style journey. Particularly when I first traveled to Europe in 2015. I went to Paris, Venice & Milan and it completely changed the way I viewed my personal style. My style has truly evolved and traveling to Europe gave me an appreciation for a more refined style.

My personal style can be defined as classic, sophisticated, and comfortably dapper. I approach style in a way that puts comfort first, if I am not comfortable I won’t feel stylish and it will show. I appreciate luxury designers but I love mid-range contemporary clothing designers.



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