24 Hours In London | Sightseeing In London

24 Hours In London | Sightseeing In London


Hi guys! I am finally sharing my recent trip to Europe here on the blog. I recently went to Europe and I have been back for a few weeks now but got totally swamped as soon as I got back to the New York and I have finally got around to making the perfect posts from the trip. I spent a total of thirteen days and traveled to London, Paris, Madrid & Barcelona. It was absolutely amazing and I cannot wait to share with you the rest of the trip on the blog in the coming weeks!

Today I am sharing with you how to wisely spend 24 hours in London so that you see as much as possible, have great food, transportation and all of that good stuff.


When I like to stay at an home and I book exclusively through Airbnb and it’s been my favorite way to do it. The reason is because you can choose the neighborhood you want to stay in based on your tastes, preferences, etc. Nothing beats staying at an apartment of a local person and walking out of the building like you are from that city/country.


Big Bus Tours London– If you are visiting London for  a day doing a bus tour is an absolute must its not even a question. You can see most of the city of London, the west side and the east side on the two different routes. The great thing about the bus tour is that you can hop on and hop off. If you are not familiar with these types of tours, it is when you can take a bus and get on and off as you please when you reach an official stop of the tour and you can take your photos and/or grab a bite. I also use the bus as a form of transportation if you are not tight on time to get around the city and not spend money on taxis.


The Tube– The best way to get around London is to take the tube. This is the cities form of public transportation and I hear one of the best subway systems in the world. While not a 24 hour system like NYC, it is extremely reliable considering a train comes on average every minute. Can you imagine just waiting barely a minute and you can be on your way! It is more pricier than other cities but I’d like to think that most of us will pay for convenience and efficiency.



With only 24 hours in London we didn’t have much time to dine considering we had so much sightseeing to squeeze in. Our main meal usually revolved around dinner and we were recommended this amazing spot in the Soho neighborhood called Chotto Matte. which is a trendy Japanese-Peruvian restaurant with great cocktails, nice young atmosphere. I Also, apps such as Yelp and TripAdvisor are very helpful when reading reviews and finding the most popular places to dine in a particular city.


 Hope you guys learned a few tips if you have ever wanted to go to London or are planning a trip!




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